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Are There Enough Bodies to Satisfy PHP's Love Affair

John Lim - Are There Enough Bodies to Satisfy PHP's Love Affair:

"I'm not aware of any popular SQL Server, Oracle or DB2 web framework for PHP. There are probably a few such beasts developed in-house, but not freely available. [...]

I don't think that the Web's love affair with PHP is over, but I do think that for larger businesses downloading and customizing PHPNuke would be a pathetic joke. Big web apps require a team of good programmers; and that means that PHP growth in larger companies will be limited by the scarcity of skilled PHP developers who can create high quality apps from scratch, and who can convince management to let them do so. It is no accident that Yahoo's adoption of PHP coincided with their hiring of some of the most talented PHP developers in the world."

Sun, 07 Aug 2005 21:11:10 +0000