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IBM: 'LAMP' users need to grow up

ZDnet.com - IBM: 'LAMP' users need to grow up:

"'If you look at the history of LAMP development, they're really primative tools ... the so-called good enough model. The type of businesses being created around those particular business models are essentially going to have to grow up at some point. I believe that in the same way that some of those simple solutions are good enough to start with, eventually, they are going to have to come up against scalability,' Sabbah said during a press conference at the IBM Rational User Conference in Las Vegas.

[...] Sabbah said LAMP will be core to IBM's future software strategy but was tight-lipped on specifics. However, he told Builder AU that the company is looking to do more with the open source PHP programming language, and Zend Technologies, a firm that invests heavily in the development of PHP."

Fri, 27 May 2005 07:43:07 +0000