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Regarding Ruby (and Ruby on Rails)

Dan Benjamin - Regarding Ruby (and Ruby on Rails):

"PHP gives you nothing. It's up to each individual programmer to figure out the right way to do things - and to define what the "right way" really is. Unfortunately, only experience can help define that, and by the time most programmers have reached this point, many poorly-implemented systems will have been developed, deployed, and delivered, landing like a plague upon their recipients.

[...] For you personally, PHP often just makes the most sense. With the framework you've built, you can stand-up a solid, reliable PHP application quickly and focus on adding features and improving usability. Because you've spent so much time with PHP, you've learned how to make it behave. If the developer is careful to use the conventions learned by developing for other languages like Java (which, as mentioned, enforces structure), PHP can take on some decent qualities and stretch into a decent platform for web-application development."

Tue, 08 Mar 2005 20:15:36 +0000