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REST design questions

David Megginson - REST design questions:

"RESTafarians point out that REST is the basis of the Web's success, but that's really only the GET part (and its cousin, POST). Despite WebDAV, we have very little experience using PUT and DELETE even for regular web pages, much less to maintain a data repository. Even the much-touted RESTful web services from Amazon and eBay are GET-only (and POST, in eBay's case); in fact, many, if not most firewall come preconfigured to block PUT and DELETE, since web admins see them mainly as security holes.

My gut feeling is that REST is, in fact, more manageable than XML-RPC or WS-* for XML on the Web, but that we have a lot of issues we'll need to work out first. Data management is never really simple, and while WS-* makes it harder than it has to be, even the simplest REST model cannot make it trivial."

Fri, 04 Mar 2005 23:01:46 +0000