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Tyranny of the geeks

Sriram Krishnan - Tyranny of the geeks:

"Nowadays, it is the 'in'-thing to be CSS-aware. If you're dumb enough to use a table tag, you're branded as a clueless moron. However, no one really tells you why table tags are bad. In fact, the equivalent CSS for generating something like your standard sign-up form is downright scary. And with every browser (Opera, Firfox, IE) having a different idea on what 'right' CSS is, you're much safer with table tags. For those using CSS and use divs and floats to build their tables, I ask them why. Why do something that is so un-intuitive? I could teach a kid about rows and columsn.

[...] A year ago, I read up a lot on the Semantic Web and RDF. I have to admit that I didn't understand any of it. Any of it. Ontologies, RDF, OWL, what not. However, you see blogs and enclosures getting the same effect with only a fraction of the complexity. I dont need smart agents to find what I want - I just search in Google and it is usally smart enough to give me what I need. I dont have high hopes for the semantic web unless they simplify and do it real soon."

Mon, 06 Dec 2004 11:45:32 +0000