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Colophon - Dunstan Orchard's Panorama

Dunstan Orchard on his site's dynamic panorama header:

"The image displayed across the top of the site (for those using CSS compliant browsers) is a 1600 pixel-wide panoramic view from the top of my parents' house, in Dorset. The scene was originally captured as a series of photographs, before being manually traced in Xara X and Photoshop 7 to produce the cartoony version you (hopefully) see here.

There are ninety versions of this panorama, each depicting the same scene under a different weather condition, time of day, and (at night) phase of the moon.

Thanks to an XML feed from weather.com, and some PHP jiggery pokery, the end result is a fairly accurate representation of what my parents see when they look out of their upstairs windows."

Fri, 19 Nov 2004 00:23:22 +0000