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Simplicity is 'next big thing' in IT

Macworld UK - Macworld UK - Simplicity is 'next big thing' in IT - Economist:

"The Economist Magazine this week has published an IT survey, which declares the single message of simplicity Apple to have preached since its inception as "the next big thing".

"The next thing in technology is not just big but truly huge: the conquest of complexity", the Economist explains. It talks about how "most of us" find technology frustrating, infuriating and sometimes tortuous at times. The title is trying to assess the work done by the IT industry to simplify matters.

The survey looks at two recent consumer-technology successes: Apple's iPod and Google. Writer, Andreas Kluth, said: "Google and the iPod are successful because each rescues consumers from a particular black hole of complexity"."

Sun, 14 Nov 2004 00:43:28 +0000