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Personal knowledge management

Dave Pollard dreams about personal knowledge management:

"Highlighted on the virtual desktop are the current documents and messages that you last looked at. As it turns out, they consist of a report that you're researching, a web page that you were half finished reading, and a message that you were composing in reply to the web page. When you use the hand-cursor to 'open' these documents again, the Document Annotation Tool opens, and the hand cursor turns into a pencil cursor. The Document Annotation Tool converts each open document into a virtual piece of paper: You no longer have to concern yourself with what application was used to create the document, or what format it is in. You simply use the pencil cursor to highlight, add to, delete from, comment on, and cross-reference to other documents, exactly as you would instinctively use a real pencil to make comparable annotations on real paper. The Document Annotation Tool understands what you are doing and invisibly does the heavy lifting to translate your changes commensurately in the document's 'native' application (MS Word, HTML etc.)"

Mon, 29 Mar 2004 13:01:56 +0000