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Microcontent Management with Syncato

Kimbro Staken introduces Syncato (which was developed by him) on XML.com:

"To many people, weblogs are simply a way to post their writing to the Web. For me weblogs are a personal data repository where you can store all kinds of information that you want to make publicly available. This includes, of course, writing, but I also wanted to be able to store other types of information. It was this desire that drove the design of Syncato and brought about the focus on achieving maximum flexibility for the data it stores.

Syncato is an XML system from top to bottom. It's written in Python, but my goal has been to minimize the amount of Python code involved. All data is defined in XML and as much as possible, XML tools are used to manipulate the data. It uses Sleepycat Berkeley DB XML as its database and converts the XML content into presentation formats via the libxslt library. When data moves from the database to presentation, it is always treated as XML, i.e. there is no object model per se, there is only an XML model."

Thu, 18 Mar 2004 08:41:31 +0000