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Jon Udell on XML E-Mail

Jon Udell: "Email is where most of our contextual information is created and exchanged, but where none of XML's contextual power is brought to bear. Here, by the way, Microsoft completely dropped the ball. The only Office 2003 application in which users can't create and use XML content is Outlook. But that's precisely where the need is greatest. Every day we ask questions about who said what, to whom, in reference to what, in response to whom. Because none of our routine written communication is well-formed, we fall back on decades-old search and navigation strategies in order to find things. And what we find is typically a mess. It's amazing to watch a highly-paid professional spending billable time trying to untangle what we like call an "email thread," but what's really just a patchwork quilt of mangled fragments with no discernible order, structure, or attribution."

Fri, 23 Jan 2004 11:22:50 +0000