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Which RSS reader should I use?

Still wondering what's the best way to read weblogs and news. Today, it's hard to find a website that doesn't provide a RSS feed (although I'm missing one on entwickler.com), so I just have to choose the right software that lets me read that feed. Sounds easy?

I'm currently testing FeedDemon, which is great Windows software, but I'd be paying a lot of money (25 €) for features I won't use - Watches, News Bins, and the embedded browser (it's an Internet Explorer, which I refuse to use because of its numerous security holes).

Compared to FeedDemon, NewsMonster is quite ugly, handles the read/unread flag less clever, and does not allow per-feed intervals for RSS fetching.

I'll have to look further, it seems.

After all, I do sympathize with the server-side approach - not with RSS aggregators that create ugly HTML pages, but with the old NNTP newsgroup protocol that was specifically designed for distributing and reading news a very long time ago. Most e-mail clients (like Mozilla, which I'm using) have built-in support for newsgroups. Software like nntp//rss does convert RSS to NNTP, but I'd rather have a PHP solution...

Fri, 02 Jan 2004 13:48:11 +0000