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calabashmusic.com's "main" table

Jacob Singh has posted a great comment where he explains something that reminds me so much of Topic Maps, or what I'd love to use them for:

"I use a table called main (bad name) which contains almost all peices of data in the site. Weird huh? but it's great. A typical record will contain the ID, ParentID (I have a seperate table for some many to many joins), url_name(like egypt), content_type(like music region), name, title, keywords, img, short desc, etc. etc.

[...] I know this sounds convoluted, but think of the possibilities:

ID hacking: http://calabashmusic.com?ID=546 my script can figure out that this is the same as http://member.calabashmusic.com/world/regsiter "

Thu, 23 Oct 2003 07:25:01 +0000