Tim Strehle

Tim Strehle E-Mail: tim@strehle.de (at work: tim@digicol.de). Add me to your address book: Contact Details (vCard)

I’m a passionate Web developer working on Digital Asset Management software. I’m coming from an information management background so I have a deep understanding of the DAM user perspective as well. I am located in Hamburg, Germany.

Blog: Tim’s Weblog is my (link) blog.

Twitter: I'm @tistre on Twitter.

Digital Collections is the company I work for as “Software Architect and Developer”: We’re building enterprise-grade Digital Asset Management (DAM) software, mostly for newspaper and magazine publishers around the world.

Skills: Web development since 1997 (70% backend in PHP, 30% frontend in JavaScript). Software architecture, data modeling, XML, Web APIs, DAM, image metadata, newspaper archives. (Environment: MySQL, Solr, Linux, Subversion, Scrum) See my Web developer chronicles for a detailed listing.

I don’t have a resume online but this blog post says more about me than you probably wanted to know.

You can also find me on Github, XING and LinkedIn.

You’re currently on my homepage, www.strehle.de/tim/.

Other stuff:

My open source PHP scripts: