© GNU General Public License; adapted 2003 by André Basse <andre.basse@hamburg.de> and Tim Strehle <tim@digicol.de>

Windows XP Publishing Wizard screenshot (English screenshots, anyone?)

XPPubWiz.php is a standalone PHP script acting as a server for the Microsoft© Windows XP© Web Publishing Wizard. It requires no installation and nearly no configuration.

Most code was taken from the Gallery XP Publishing Wizard implementation, written by Demian Johnston and Bharat Mediratta. We just turned their script into a standalone reference implementation, as a simple starting point for anyone interested in writing a server for the Publishing Wizard.

XPPubWiz.php is free and Open Source (GNU General Public License - view the colored source code). Feel free to contact me at tim@digicol.de with questions/comments.

News: Version 1.0b fixes a bug preventing filenames beginning with "u" or "x" from being uploaded...

Disclaimer: Use this software at your own risk. I won't guarantee that it works, and I won't be held liable for any damage caused by it! Please make sure to protect this script with a .htaccess password or the like - never ever allow public access to it!


Simply download XPPubWiz.php_txt to your web server and rename it to XPPubWiz.php (or whatever you like). Then follow the installation instructions at the bottom of the page.


You need a webserver running PHP 4 (version 4.1 or greater) with Session support. XPPubWiz.php works fine with register_globals=off. The client computer has to run Microsoft Windows XP, of course.


The Microsoft Windows XP Web Publishing Wizard is a pretty front-end for HTTP uploads to any webserver implementing a compatible backend. It allows HTML pages (displayed by an inline Internet Explorer control) to gather information before doing the actual upload. The Wizard can also scale images to a lower resolution before upload.

Upload targets (servers) must be defined in the Windows registry: Under the "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion" key, they are listed in "\Explorer\PublishingWizard\PublishingWizard\Providers". (XPPubWiz.php can create the appropriate .reg file so that you don't have to edit the registry manually.)

Technical information regarding the Publishing Wizard can be found at Microsoft's MSDN and on Sebastian Delmont's site.

XPPubWiz.php doesn't do much - it is meant to be a starting point for your own developments - but it actually does something useful:


Server-side installation:

Client-side installation:

How to test