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2021-08-14 A Companion for WoodWing Assets


2020-05-20 Open source PHP client for the WoodWing Assets (Elvis) REST API


2019-06-10 First steps: A Symfony 4 PHP app in Docker
2019-03-19 The story of my favorite bug
2019-03-06 Using XML to copy data from PostgreSQL to MySQL
2019-02-17 Clean Data is more important than Clean Code


2018-09-01 Playing with the Camunda workflow engine (and PHP)
2018-06-14 What to put on a DAM Admin dashboard
2018-05-31 The “X” in JSON stands for Extensibility
2018-04-16 Digital Asset Management Reading List Feb./Mar. 2018
2018-03-05 For better software, keep talking
2018-02-07 Digital Asset Management Reading List Jan. 2018
2018-01-22 Linked Content: 8 steps toward content system interoperability


2017-12-30 Digital Asset Management Reading List Dec. 2017
2017-11-30 Digital Asset Management Reading List Nov. 2017
2017-11-01 W3C DAM Group kick-off today! Why I’m interested in schema.org for DAM
2017-10-29 Digital Asset Management Reading List Oct. 2017: Pivots and Blockchains
2017-09-19 Digital Asset Management Reading List Sep. 2017: Content Management, W3C schema.org group
2017-09-10 Web frontend integration: Just drop me a link
2017-08-15 Digital Asset Management Reading List Aug. 2017: Enterprise discontent, Orbit
2017-07-31 I’m leaving Digital Collections to join the SPIEGEL Verlag
2017-07-18 Digital Asset Management Reading List July 2017: ECM, findability, Northplains
2017-07-10 My DAM developer chronicles: 19 years at Digital Collections
2017-06-14 Digital Asset Management Reading List June 2017: DAM NY, DAM people, adoption
2017-06-02 Streaming an Ajax response with Vue.js and Server-sent events (SSE)
2017-05-18 10 years ago, I switched to the Mac
2017-05-09 Digital Asset Management Reading List May 2017: Content Platforms and Governance Councils
2017-05-03 Learning Java coming from PHP (1)
2017-04-18 Digital Asset Management Reading List Apr. 2017: Evolution and Trends
2017-03-31 Your company needs its own Knowledge Graph
2017-03-18 Digital Asset Management Reading List Mar. 2017: Mobile, Administration, Improving DAM
2017-03-17 Our DAM News piece on “Improving DAM Interoperability In 2017”
2017-03-10 Metadata values have metadata, too
2017-03-02 Slides: DAM Trends 2017
2017-02-19 Nuxeo’s Eric Barroca on DAM innovation and interoperability
2017-02-07 Digital Asset Management Reading List Feb. 2017: AI, IoT, DAM Foundation
2017-02-01 DAM innovation: Distributed content in Nuxeo and Picturepark
2017-01-11 My side projects in 2016
2017-01-06 Digital Asset Management Reading List Jan. 2017: Library, Metadata Automation, DAM in 2017


2016-12-07 Digital Asset Management Reading List Dec. 2016: Taxonomy, Hoarding, Innovation
2016-11-30 Company culture resources
2016-11-06 Digital Asset Management Reading List Nov. 2016: UX, Zapier, Metadata
2016-09-24 Where’s the “9 to 5” hackathon?
2016-09-08 I’m. So. Slow.
2016-08-25 Dominic Grzbielok: It’s DAMned hard to search for a Digital Asset Management system
2016-08-15 David Diamond: Metadata for Content Management
2016-08-12 To my new colleague
2016-07-31 Product idea: “City” visualization for software systems
2016-06-24 Speak the customer’s language and put content first in your DAM UI
2016-05-30 Where do I put search result context in schema.org?
2016-04-28 Digital Asset Management resources
2016-04-22 Distributed DAM: From silo to search engine
2016-03-10 Turn HTML into plain text with proper whitespace (in XSLT and PHP)
2016-02-23 A dropdown for large lists in a Symfony 3 form with choice_loader and Select2
2016-02-01 Getting started with product management
2016-01-20 System architecture: Splitting a DAM into Self-Contained Systems
2016-01-13 schema.org RDFa markup for a DAM hypermedia API
2016-01-03 My side projects in 2015


2015-12-23 What DAM software release notes should look like
2015-12-15 Product idea: Live meeting agenda for collaborative presentations
2015-12-03 schema.org markup for a DAM system photo record
2015-11-25 DAM and the Semantic Web – our webinar on Dec 9th
2015-11-06 Using CloudFront Signed Cookies with the AWS SDK for PHP
2015-10-16 My “DAM Champ” interview
2015-09-07 Looking forward to the International Newsroom Summit in Hamburg
2015-09-03 Counting word frequency using NLTK FreqDist()
2015-08-28 “iTunes for news” – first impressions of Blendle in Germany
2015-08-27 Use ppolicy_hash_cleartext to keep OpenLDAP from storing and returning plain text passwords
2015-08-23 Listen to your engineers, don’t sink the Vasa
2015-07-02 DC-X DAM system architecture, data structures, and APIs
2015-06-14 Topic Maps (as a standard) are dead, I’m afraid
2015-05-08 RDF and schema.org for DAM interoperability
2015-05-06 Vom Archiv- zum Redaktionssystem: Die Drehscheibe für kreative Inhalte
2015-04-29 Workflow awareness of DAM systems
2015-04-24 Find the latest articles on Digital Asset Management via Planet DAM
2015-04-13 Is there an XML standard for digital magazine replicas?
2015-03-19 Trust your developers’ opinion on technical debt
2015-02-28 strehle.de now powered by Topic Maps


2014-12-21 Hunting for well-known Semantic Web vocabularies and terms
2014-12-13 Dreaming of a shared content store
2014-12-02 Schema flexibility for power users
2014-11-18 Developing software has never been easier
2014-11-13 Browsing the newspaper – an unusual DAM feature
2014-11-10 The business case for machine readable rights
2014-10-21 Rights Management in the DC-X DAM – and RightsML
2014-10-04 Living in the past – perfect albums
2014-08-03 DAM, a market with no reviews or critics
2014-07-23 Where have all the librarians gone?
2014-07-17 Web app interoperability – the missing link
2014-06-05 Cloud software, local files: A hybrid DAM approach
2014-05-18 My “Planet DAM”
2014-05-03 How I archive Web pages in the DAM (screencast)
2014-04-28 The idealist’s guide to leadership in the real world
2014-03-26 Trailing spaces in SQL – NO PAD vs PADSPACE in MySQL and Oracle
2014-03-24 New “DC” offices in the “Bacardi tower”
2014-03-11 It’s content, not just DAM metadata
2014-02-25 Web of information vs DAM, DM, CM, KM silos
2014-02-21 “DC” has moved out of the old chocolate factory
2014-02-18 A simple JavaScript component architecture (first draft)
2014-02-17 Questions to ask before building a DAM importer
2014-02-17 DC-X in action: Public video archive for the German Federal Archives (Bundesarchiv), Transit Film
2014-02-06 Simpler DAM UI: Main navigation (3)
2014-01-26 Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose – My take
2014-01-21 Simpler DAM UI: Main navigation (2)
2014-01-19 Simpler DAM UI: Infinite scrolling?
2014-01-15 Simpler DAM UI: Main navigation
2014-01-14 A simpler DAM UI
2014-01-14 Simpler DAM UI: Single page Web app?


2013-11-05 If I were a manager
2013-09-26 Texte und Bilder elegant austauschen zwischen Redaktionen und Nachrichtenagenturen
2013-09-11 Journalismus: Themenzentriertes Arbeiten, vernetzte Beiträge und hilfreiche Software
2013-09-09 Themenseite zum scoopcamp 2013
2013-09-09 Themenseite zur Zeitungsdebatte #tag2020 und “Der Abend”
2013-09-04 Software für Journalismus – zwei Ideen vor dem scoopcamp 2013
2013-08-20 Indie Web resources: Silos vs. an open Web
2013-08-18 Publish your data, don’t build APIs
2013-08-13 HTML Hypermedia API resources
2013-08-07 RDFa tools and resources
2013-08-01 Underestimate, fantasize, and lie
2013-07-17 Convergence between WCM and DAM
2013-07-08 First steps – encrypting e-mail and files with GPGTools
2013-07-07 If we were to redesign Topic Maps… (LinkedIn discussion)
2013-06-24 XHTML+RDFa for structured data exchange
2013-06-13 A trend towards reusable UI components in Web apps
2013-06-04 Linked Data for public, siloed, and internal images
2013-05-25 Linked Data for better image search on the Web
2013-05-07 Image metadata on the Web: URL as identifier
2013-05-01 Farm animal photos (and semantic markup)
2013-04-28 My comment on “PHP is meant to die” by Software Gunslinger
2013-04-02 My (honest) résumé
2013-03-26 I know. I can. I want to. I do.
2013-03-13 Building a new UI from scratch: JavaScript components
2013-03-02 Reading list for younger programmers
2013-02-25 Non-breaking space accidentally typed in OS X kills PHP code? Use Karabiner
2013-02-21 Our kids and customers are here to teach us
2013-02-07 Why I prefer Topic Maps to RDF
2013-02-01 My favorite quotes from REWORK
2013-01-15 My thoughts on DAM value chains


2012-09-04 Anniversary: Tim’s Weblog turns 10
2012-05-30 Semantic markup for “You can license this image”
2012-04-28 My favourite quotes from the Valve Handbook for new employees


2008-02-01 Switch: One year later


2007-01-17 Switch


2006-08-28 NOT Getting Started with PHP 5 SOAP


2005-07-15 Fairfaxfrontpages live
2005-06-08 A Decade of PHP


2004-12-16 Five faces of a web application: Web GUI, web service, CLI, API, data


2003-07-16 Fairfaxphotos live