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A Companion for WoodWing Assets

At the SPIEGEL-Verlag, we use the WoodWing Assets DAM software in production since January 2020. Most of the images you see on spiegel.de (one of Germany’s largest news sites) are sent to our Web CMS from Assets.

WoodWing Assets is a pretty good DAM product, focused on a relatively small set of core features. There is little built-in business logic or connectors – instead, Assets provides a couple of extension mechanisms so you can customize it: Action plugins and Panel plugins (custom HTML + JavaScript embedded into the Assets UI), a REST APIWebhooks, and API plugins (a wrapper for custom REST services).

We made use of action and panel plugins to add functionality to the Assets UI (like dialogs for “advanced search” and Web CMS export). But there is also a bunch of “invisible” logic. Here are a few of our use cases:

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Sat, 14 Aug 2021 22:13:00 +0000